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Integrate Solutions

Web Hosting

Integrate solutions is one among the best web hosting providers located in UAE. We provide a wide range of web hosting services for inviduals and businesses.

We help you to rent a server space and bandwidth and make your website accessible through World Wide Web (www). In this space you can store any information related with your business website such as videos, audios, images, data files etc.

We provide Windows and Linux web hosting services. Our web hosting services will also give you an opportunity to create multiple email accounts on your website. You can communicate with your business clients through these accounts and this will improves client's reliability on your business.

Different types of web hosting services offered by Integrate Solutions

We provide different types of web hosting services and you can choose the one that best matches your business requirements.

  • Shared web hosting services

    This web hosting services are also known as virtual web hosting services. Shared web hosting services are cheaper and can be managed effortlessly and they are mainly used by those who want to host a cost effective and small website.
  • Dedicated web hosting services

    It is also known as dedicated server or managed hosting service. By opting this web service one can lease a server for their own without sharing with anyone. Dedicated web hosting services are costly and can be used by those who want to build a costly and large website. It offers high performance, safety, management and email stability.
  • Virtual dedicated servers

    It is also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS).For individuals or organizations who want to host multiple websites are much benefited by Virtual Dedicated Servers.

Advantages of our web hosting services

  • Low cost and affordable by everyone
  • Advertising your business
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • On the spot activation
  • Shared SSL security
  • No setup fees or hidden charges